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Name : Manas Roy
Address : India, Kolkata.
Email : theindianmastermind@gmail.com
Website : www.indianmastermind.com

Hello Friends Welcome to my "www.indianmastermind.com" Tech-blog. Please allow me to introduce myself to you- I am Manas Roy. I Created this blog on 2018 and still working on it. I always try to provide quality content for my Readers, all contents in "www.indianmastermind.com" written originally by me.

In this Website I will give you information on Google Adsense, SEO, Blogger, Youtube, Wordpress,Technology and some others Technical informations.

I hope you enjoy my Ideas as much i enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, Plz don't hesitate to Contact me.

Manas Roy